My name is Jacqueline Hodges, I am a mother to two children living on the NSW South Coast surrounded by natural beauty and a strong Mama_feelgood_aboutcommunity of people. 

Like all of us I have experienced life's wonder, blessings and challenges and this is why I have a strong wish to share what I have learnt from personal experience and and through my practice of energy balancing.

I started studying RAW after receiving treatments from another practitioner, Joy Moulieri, and was completely intrigued into how Joy was getting such amazing results.

I have been studying and practising RAW since 2006. Having studied a range of alternate therapies including Reiki, Shiatsu and Yoga, I found RAW a natural progression and an amazing tool in energy based therapies.

Using RAW techniques combined with Reiki, together we create a relaxing experience with effects that will be felt long after the treatment has ended.

I treat each client with empathy, understanding and compassion and a wish to help all of us to heal both physically and emotionally. Generosity is at the heart of my practice and I hope that I can assist your journey towards health, balance and well being.

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About RAW

Everyone and everything has their own unique energy and vibration.

Imbalances can be created through all sorts of variants such as health issues, childhood traumas, negative relationships, etc.

If our own energies or the energies around us start to alter, we can feel out of alignment, within ourselves and the world around us. When the energies are balanced and working harmoniously we generally feel happy and well regardless of what is happening in our lives.

RAW is an energy based healing modality that is used to restore balance. It is a subtle, gentle way of accessing and correcting imbalances, by tapping directly into the body's own energies. As we are working energetically we have the freedom to work in any areas of our lives.

Some common issues RAW is used for: Fears, Stress, Relationships, Health, Addictive Behaviour, Career, and Soul Direction.

Issues and blockages are identified by muscle testing the clients energies. Information is attained through a series of questions and steps within the balance.

When all the information has been discovered, correction points are held and the process is complete.This is all a very non- invasive and relaxing experience.

Like individuals, each balance is unique in feelings and outcomes. Each treatment takes approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours. Clients are encouraged to ask questions or to discuss any feelings or thoughts that may arise during the session, as much or as little as they feel comfortable.

Some individuals feel a shift within one session, while others may take a few more. We all heal at a different pace.

It is helpful to remember this when undertaking any type of healing.



About Reiki

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy".

The Practitioner uses this energy by placing their hands gently on or above the client's body to
access energy centers (chakras) and elevate the personal vibration within them.

Reiki treats all kinds of energetic imbalances and dis-ease in the body, boosting circulation and the immune system, it enhances the body's own natural ability to heal. Gentle and completely safe, Reiki is beneficial to everyone including the elderly,children,pets etc. and can be used in addition with any medication and/or complimentary therapies/activities such as yoga, massage, meditation etc.

Reiki brings stability to the mind and body, it brightens the soul to generate self esteem, self worth and confidence.

A Reiki session lasts for approximately 1hr and gives you an escape from the stressful routines of modern living.

Clients will experience sensations of deep relaxation and inner peace, feeling rejuvenated and empowered to embrace life and all it's many blessings.

I cannot praise Jacqui and her RAW enough. I had experienced some very draining and dramatic relationships that I really wanted to be clear from.
RAW was more than a balance. It is profound work that in my case gave quick and wonderful results. I got to the core of some big issues quickly.
As well as feeling balanced, RAW empowers and energizes.
Afterwards I felt more like the real me than I had in a very long time. Jacqui is an insightful and inspiring practitioner .
It's exciting getting in touch with my positive energy again and feeling so great. Everyone should experience a RAW balance. It's wonderful.

Lisa, writer and mother

RAW is a way to open doors that you didn't even realise were closed.It's been a beautiful
and effective way for our family (children included) to deal within long standing, health
and emotional issues. A heartfelt thank you to Jacqui.

Nichol Acheson, Physiotherapist / Reiki Master
Sydney NSW

Jacqui's combination of RAW and Reiki is nurturing. Her RAW opened me to my flowing sexuality.
Her Reiki healed the ongoing pain I was experiencing (in my neck). Over the days following the session I felt increasingly un-fettered and open.

Lizzie, Artist
Sydney NSW